Legends Park Panorama

approx. 30 m² | 2 - 3 People

A good night's sleep and fine parks views.

These rooms are ideal for nature lovers who want to enjoy the fresh air of the Kitzbühel Alps even when asleep at night.


  • Comfy beds
  • Cable TV with Sky
  • Make-up mirror with lights
  • Minibar
  • Dark curtains for a good night's sleep
  • Air conditioning (on request)
  • Hairdryer


  • portrait max reisch
    Max Reisch
    The adventures of Max Reisch were legendary. A passionate fan of motorbikes, he became famous for his rides over alpine passes and across countries on his trusty Puch motorbike.
    • Born 1912 in Kufstein
    • Was a geographer, journalist, travel writer and expert on the Far East
    • Studied architecture and international trade in Vienna
    • As a young man he was a passionate skier, motorbike rider and mountaineer
    • In 1930 and 1931 he crossed 12 alpine passes and rode to Lake Garda on a Puch 175 
    • 1931: Sahara expedition on a Puch 250 (first Austrian motorbike in Northern Africa)
    • 1933: expedition across the Balkans, Anatolia, Syrian deserts, Persia as far as the Indian subcontinent – first man to successfully ride to India on a motorbike
    • 1935/36: first crossing from India to China in an automobile, followed by a trip around the world via Japan and North America to Europe
    • Numerous expeditions to Africa and Asia
    • He wrote about all his journies and published many books and articles on his adventures
    • Died 8 January 1985 
    • His biography was published in 2012 
  • portrait peter aufschnaiter
    Peter Aufschnaiter
    Born in Kitzbühel, Peter Aufschnaiter was a researcher who became famous for his work in Nepal. It was there that he worked as an agricultural engineer and cartographer. He was also a member of the famous Himalaya expedition led by Heinrich Harrer.
    • Born 2.11.1899 in Kitzbühel
    • Son of a carpenter in Kitzbühel
    • Trained as an agricultural engineer and chemist in Innsbruck and Munich
    • It was during this time that he developed a great interest in the Himalayas
    • Learned English, Italian and Hindi
    • 1929: took part in an expedition to the Kangchenjunga mountain
    • Remained fascinated by the Himalayas throughout his life
    • 1939: was a member of the famous Himalayan expedition led by Heinrich Harrer 
    • Stayed in Nepal, worked there for the Indian government as a cartographer and agricultrual engineer
    • Returned to Europe in the early 1970s due to ill health
    • Died 1973 in Innsbruck and buried in Kitzbühel
    • His grave remained decorated with Tibetan prayer flags until today
  • portrait countess lamberg
    Countess Lamberg
    "The Flying Countess" was the first female ski jumper and the source of much jealousy in Kitzbühel thanks to her perfect style and flapping skirt.
    • Born 21 September 1887 in Kitzbühel
    • Pioneer of women's ski jumping
    • Known as "The Flying Countess"
    • 1908: jumped an impressive 24 metres on the Schattberg ski jump in Kitzbühel wearing a long skirt
    • Lebenberg Castle was used from 1885 onwards as a bed & breakfast and later a hotel (one of the first in Kitzbühel)
    • Married Franz Valentin Count Schlick, an automobile racer
    • Killed in an accident at a sidecar race organised by the Bavarian Automobile Club in Berchtesgaden
    • Died 4 September 1927
  • portrait josef herold
    Josef Herold
    This photographer from Kitzbühel documented – with the same enthusiasm as Franz Reisch – the development of Kitzbühel as a winter sports destination. The construction of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car saw a long-held dream of his become reality.
    • Born 14.3.1872 in Kitzbühel
    • Major pioneer of winter sports
    • Father of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car
    • Photographer
    • Together with Franz Reisch the first man to try the new sport in skiing, developed in Norway
    • Documented and photographed all skiing adventures undertaken by F. Reisch
    • First snowshoe race on the Hahnenkamm in 1895, won by Josef Herold
    • 1929: construction of the cable car up onto the Hahnenkamm saw a dream come true
    • Mayor of Kitzbühel in the 1930s
    • Died 1938 in Kitzbühel 
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuNIwYsz7PI
    Hilde Goldschmidt
    This famous painter (born 1897 in Leipzig) broke her leg while skiing in Kitzbühel. Forced to stay in the village until her leg healed, she fell in love with the place and made it her second home.
    • Born 7.9.1897 in Leipzig
    • Daughter of a wealthy businessman
    • Lived in an open and happy family, which formed the basis for her development as an artist
    • Studied graphic design and drawing
    • 1919: accepted to the Dresdner Akademie (first year when women were admitted)
    • Met Oskar Kokoschka and became his student
    • Completed the Dresdner Akademie in Kokoschka's masterclass
    • Spent a skiing holiday in Kitzbühel in 1933 and broke her leg; was forced to remain in the village for 7 months and fell in love with Kitzbühel
    • Bought a house in Kitzbühel in 1950
    • Died 1980 in Kitzbühel
    • Has a foundation and art prize named after her

Services Included

Always included in the price:

  • Wireless internet throughout the hotel
  • Free parking (does not include underground parking)
  • Healthy and hearty breakfast buffet (07:30-10:30)
  • Delicious ingredients sources from the region
  • Spa & gym

Available for an extra fee:

  • Garage parking space (€15 per person per space)
  • Dogs (€20 per day, including dog blanket, water & food bowl, small surprise)
  • Massages on request (24 h prior booking)
  • Special Kitzbühel experiences (local tipps)
  • Hotel cancellation insurance with the European Travel Insurance Company


Period 1 person 2 people

Preseason & Season Ending

01.12.2022 - 19.12.2022
12.03.2023 - 10.04.2023
from € 189,- enquire
from € 135,- enquire

Main Season 2

20.12.2022 - 22.12.2022
08.01.2023 - 14.01.2023
22.01.2023 - 11.03.2023
from € 370,- enquire
from € 185,- enquire
All prices in euros per person / per day including breakfast buffet and free use of sauna, steam bath, bio sauna and fitness room. The local tourism taxe of €1.80 per person / per day is not included. (Subject to change)