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Family-run hotel with traditional flair

For generations the Mayr-Reisch family has helped write the history of Kitzbühel. Before this remote mountain village became one of the world's most famous wintersports resorts Franz Reisch, great-grandfather of today's owner, was mayor and worked hard to bring the burgeoning sport of alpine skiing to Kitzbühel. It was he who imported the first skis from Norway to this part of Austria and laid the foundations for tourism in the region. With the construction of the Sporthotel Reisch in 1912 he achieved another milestone in the history of the village. Back then there were only few hotels in a valley dominated by farming. Franz Reisch had the courage to think ouside the box – a character trait which has been passed down through the generations.

Today the hotel - since 2021 "Das Reisch" -  is managed by the fourth generation in the form of Mike Mayr-Reisch and his family, who continue to pursue the high standards set by Franz Reisch all those years ago.


Inspired by Kitzbühel

Visitors to the Reisch Hotel will find symbols of the hotel's long history throughout the building. In the individually designed and decorated Legends Rooms you can journey back through the history of Kitzbühel and find out what makes this traditional town in the heart of the Alps one of the world's most famous wintersports destinations. Each room tells the story of a bona fide Kitzbühel legend such as Franz Reisch, great-grandfather of the current hotel owner.

Upon your arrival in Kitzbühel you will be welcomed by Mike, his family and the friendly hotel team here at the Reisch with its modern flair and traditional touch.


  • 1912: The "Garten- und Sporthotel Reisch" is built
  • 1920: The Reisch brothers take over the running of the hotel
  • 1966: Control passes to Rupert Mayr-Reisch
  • 1980: The hotel is destroyed by fire and re-built on the same site
  • 2000s: Renovation work, terrace and F. Reisch Bar
  • 2015: Management is taken over by Mike Mayr-Reisch
  • 2021: Hotel name changing to "Das Reisch" (The Reisch) 

... the Mayr-Reisch family.

We look forward to meeting you here in Kitzbühel!