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Legends Rooms at the Reisch Hotel

Why Legends? A few years ago we have decided to dedicade one room to our great-grandfather FRANZ REISCH to honor his legacy. He is THE Legend of our hotel and of Kitzbühel and we admire his courage and pioneer thinking. So we thought that Kitzbühel has so many beautiful and different great personalities and therefore we dedicated all of our rooms to this wonderful people.  The next idea were legendary places and events such as the Streif (ski race), the beautiful lake Schwarzsee or the tennis tournament. We tell their stories so they will live on and you can walk in ther foot steps. Simply legendary! 

franz reisch picture
Franz Reisch
Founder of the Sporthotel Reisch and pioneer of alpine skiing in Kitzbühel. He was the first man to ski on the Kitzbühel Horn mountain and the first ski instructor in Kitzbühel.
Legend Room
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portrait peter aufschnaiter
Peter Aufschnaiter
Born in Kitzbühel, Peter Aufschnaiter was a researcher who became famous for his work in Nepal. It was there that he worked as an agricultural engineer and cartographer. He was also a member of the famous Himalaya expedition led by Heinrich Harrer.
Legend Room
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portrait ernst reisch
Ernst Reisch
The oldest son of the Sporthotel Reisch founder, Ernst Reisch was a passionate skier, ski jumper and bobsleigher. In 1931 he founded the Kitzbühel Ski Club, which still exists today, and played a major role in making Kitzbühel the tourist magnet it is today.
Legend Room
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portrait max reisch
Max Reisch
The adventures of Max Reisch were legendary. A passionate fan of motorbikes, he became famous for his rides over alpine passes and across countries on his trusty Puch motorbike.
portrait toni sailer
Toni Sailer
Toni Sailer was and still remains a bone fide Kitzbühel legend. The former ski star and singer also worked as head coach of the Austria Ski Team and race director of the legendary Hahnenmann downhill race. Toni Sailer will always be associated with KItzbühel!
Legend Room
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jane tilden portrait
Jane Tilden
This actress, who appeared in numerous productions at the Volkstheater in Vienna and continued acting until 2000, considered Kitzbühel her second home and would come here as often as possible between her roles at the famous Burgtheater in Vienna.
Legend Room
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alfons walde portrait
Alfons Walde
Kitzbühel's most famous painter is without a doubt Alfons Walder. He designed the logo which is today synonymous with the village, while his posters promoting Tyrol as a tourism destination became famous the world over.
Legend Room
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portrait room simon benedikt
Simon Benedikt Faistenberger
The baroque works of this painter born in 1693 in Kitzbühel can be found in many of the region's churches. Visitors interested in art and culture should definitely take the opportunity to check out some of his paintings.
Legend Room
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erna carise portrait
Erna Carise Gerling
The Austrian dancer Erna Carise was a true globetrotter and spent much of her life travelling the world, but after the end of her career she returned to her beloved Kitzbühel.
Legend Room
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Hilde Goldschmidt
This famous painter (born 1897 in Leipzig) broke her leg while skiing in Kitzbühel. Forced to stay in the village until her leg healed, she fell in love with the place and made it her second home.
portrait josef herold
Josef Herold
This photographer from Kitzbühel documented – with the same enthusiasm as Franz Reisch – the development of Kitzbühel as a winter sports destination. The construction of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car saw a long-held dream of his become reality.
portrait countess lamberg
Countess Lamberg
"The Flying Countess" was the first female ski jumper and the source of much jealousy in Kitzbühel thanks to her perfect style and flapping skirt.
portrait rupert mayr
Rupert Mayr
Restaurant owner and farmer Rupert Mayr developed the famous "Lukashansl" guesthouse in Ferleiten at the start of the 20th century. The adjacent farm is today a large alpine zoo and leisure park with a children's play area run by the Mayr-Reisch family.
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legend alfons petzold
Alfons Petzold
The Kitzbühel-based poet celebrated his biggest success with "Das rauhe Leben". His works were tolerated by the Nazis, who saw in them a glorification of Austria and even re-published some of his poems.
Legend Room
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christian pravda portrait
Christian Pravda
The Austrian skiing legend and member of the famous "Kitzbühel Wunderteams" won numerous races for Austria before emigrating to North America.
Legend Room
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portrait toni praxmair
Toni Praxmair
Toni Praxmair made Kitzbühel famous around the world thanks to his songs. He also established a tradition which continues until today: the Tyrolean evening at the Café Praxmair.
Legend Room
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